I suck at descriptions but basically I'm Kristen, I'm a 19-year-old student at UHM in Honolulu, HI, and I like to blog and reblog. Life is too cool to go undocumented and unshared.

Day 1

We took off from LAX at sunset and the last bit of daylight revealed some of California’s gorgeous mountains and I was prettyyyy stoked. After awhile the flight attendant told us to close our windows. I guess because it’s dark and there’s not much to see anyway but also because the light will be very bright once we hit a lit area. I don’t know.

Every passenger had a screen for personal entertainment so I settled on watching ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ which I didn’t have a chance to watch before and hah omg I love that movie. I wanna be spider-woman, shooting webs from my wrists, hanging from buildings… so exciting, my hands were sweating.

I would periodically raise the window shade to see where we were. Most times it was all dark. Toward the end of the movie, I opened it and freaked out when I saw the chunks of ice because I did noooot expect to see that. Where were we even flying over?? I have no idea. It was so beautiful though. That is why I like the window seat even if it means being squished and having to hold in my bodily fluids for ten+ hours.

We made it to London on time and my next flight was in a little over an hour and I thought I’d just be able to quickly walk to my gate, but no. I had to wait in a line to get to security then the actual security line and it was almost time for the gate to be closed according to my boarding pass and I was about to cry because I thought I was gonna miss my plane. I ran to my gate and when I got there, it wasn’t even my turn to board yet. I was relieved.

When it was time for me to board, I showed the lady my boarding pass, it didn’t scan, she called someone and chatted, then told me I couldn’t get on this flight. WHAT. Unbelievable. So I had to ask when the next flight out was. I had hotel reservations and everything for when I did arrive. Thankfully they put me on the later flight free of charge.

I made it to Spain. It was such a happy moment looking out the window because it was a long journey to get here—a long journey that started well before my first flight back in Honolulu.

Well I have no service here and have to rely entirely on wifi for the duration of this trip. I’m starting to regret not bringing my laptop also. This is gonna be tough.

I’m currently at a cute little hotel all by myself. My room is about 20 steps from the reception desk. Tomorrow I go back to the airport to meet up with the group.

I made my own hashtag that I may or may not use. Haha “kristeneuropa2014” because my name is Kristen and because I am in Europe to study Spanish and “Kristen in Europe” in Spanish is “Kristen en Europa” and -en/en and it’s 2014.

Ten-hour plane ride from Los Angeles to London.

Everybody takes passport pictures when they travel internationally and this is my first passport, my first time traveling outside the U.S., and my first time traveling by myself outside of Hawaii. I’m going a bit out of my comfort zone. Yeah of course I documented it.

I’ve been trying not to talk too much about this trip because I wanna actually get to my destination first. So this is why I’m posting on Tumblr where like no one follows me.

I dedicated yesterday entirely to preparation for this trip and I was up since the morning until my flight at 7:10 this morning because one day was not enough prep time and the plane ride to LAX seemed pretty short because I slept most of the way. Two more flights and I’ll be there.

My suitcase was bulging but I’m sure I forgot something. I suck at packing. My desire to be prepared makes me stuff until I can’t stuff no more. Also it’s hard being fat and a girl because my clothes take up more room and girls have to pack bras which take up room and also I don’t wanna get my period but it’ll seem like kind of a waste if I don’t because I packed a ton of pads and tampons.

Idkkkk what 2 do right now


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last week my boyfriend came over to my house for the first time and I asked him if he wanted the wifi password and he said “I’m not worried about the wifi I just want to talk to you” and I stared at him in shock for about 15 seconds trying to figure out how to reply

that’s true love

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Soarin’ Over California ☼

this is literally my favorite ride ever// only one I will ever go on

I rode this !!




a dead Lilly pad, flipped over, at an indoor amazon waterlilly pavilion


this gives me chills

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Ivan and Nathan Florence and Koa Rothman. John’s crew of choice for most Tahiti strike missions.

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New York City’s Central Park from Above

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there is a huge difference between genuinely liking someone and liking the attention they give you and it took me a long time to realise that

I feel like I almost always genuinely like someone because they give me no attention whatsoever ha ha

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everyone who likes coconut water is lying

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